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    Adult  Therapy
Usually, therapy is about change. When there is something in your life that isn't working or is causing you problems, you may need help changing it. Sometimes, therapy is more about you needing to find a greater understanding of your experiences, feelings or current problems. You may need help seeing what you are avoiding or seeing the destructive patterns that restrict your life. And sometimes, therapy is a way to get through a difficult crisis or transition. A trained therapist can help keep the focus where it needs to be or help expand your available options to help you find the answers that will work for you. 

"Many people are unsure about what to expect in therapy. For some people, one of the most difficult aspects of therapy is getting to the first session.  But once it is obvious that I am completely on their side and will work with them to help them accomplish their therapeutic goals, their outlook on therapy changes. Not, that sessions are never difficult, some really are, but with the understanding of what the therapeutic relationship is about and what we can accomplish together, comes hope and then determination. " 
   Therapeutic specialties include, but are not limited to:
Parental issues 
Family problems
Grief and/or Loss
Life Transitions 
Goal Setting
Stress Management 
Substance Use Issues

Mountain Vista offers individual mental health services to adults with a variety of presenting issues.