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 Adolescent Therapy

Acceptance Issues
Anxiety or Fear 
Behavior Problems
Independence Issues
Eating Disorders 
Future Career Issues
Grief and Loss
Low Self Esteem
Parent-child Relationship Conflicts 
Parental Divorce
Self Harm
Social Problems
Substance abuse
School and learning problems
Stress or Anger
Significant other Relationships
Trauma reactions

                Mountain Vista Counseling offers full mental health services, including consultation, assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning and individual, family, or group therapy for adolescents and their parents.

 Parents, are you concerned with such aspects as your relationship with your adolescent, home or school truancy, drug related issues; or feel that your child has a lot of stress, or has dramatically changed and the change concerns you? If so, don't hesitate to call. A short in-person consultation will help to determine if therapy is the right thing to do and whether Mountain Vista can help.
         "It can seem that the way things are now are the way they will always be and that there is very little you can do to change them. That usually is not the case. I would like the opportunity to help you see yourself and the situations you are in, not as static, but as changeable; and to help you see that you can use the strengths you have to learn new ways of being, relating, understanding, or behaving. I would like to help you see that you can be all that you want to be no matter what hand you have been dealt in life.   
As an adolescent, there are many reasons for meeting with a therapist. You may want to find answers, relief, or understanding about issues such as: 
Note from the Therapist